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Spreading Oral Cancer Awareness

We are all familiar with cancers like lymphoma or breast cancer, but what about oral cancer? As a dentist in Naperville, we want to take April as a chance to spread awareness about oral cancer, as this month is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Oral and pharyngeal cancer also referred to as cancer of the mouth […]

When to Visit an Emergency Dentist

You likely think that you will never need to visit an emergency dentist until something goes terribly wrong with your smile. It is important to be prepared in the case of an emergency and understand what warrants a trip to a Naperville emergency dentist and what can wait until normal business hours to be handled. […]

Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month

In honor of February being National Children’s Dental Health Month, our Naperville cosmetic dentist wants to encourage the importance of positive children’s oral health habits. This year’s slogan is “brush and clean in between to build a healthy smile.” Now is a great time to educate not only children, but also caregivers, teachers, and more […]

Signs You Need Dentures

Did you know that over 37.9 million U.S. adults are expected to wear dentures by 2020? Dentures can help salvage your normal tooth functionality all while providing you with a bright, beautiful smile! Although you may find the change to dentures intimidating, our dentist in Naperville has the experience to make the process as simple […]

The Importance of Your Gum Health

Your pearly whites often steal the show when it comes to your oral health, but don’t forget to also focus on your gums. Your gum tissue plays a big part in how healthy your overall oral health is. In fact, gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss. The buildup of plaque, […]

Get Your Hollywood Smile with Dental Veneers

If you aren’t happy with your smile, it’s time that you do something about it! Dental veneers from our cosmetic dentist in Naperville is an easy solution that will help give your smile a makeover. Gone are the days of smiling with your lips over your mouth because you are embarrassed about damaged or yellow […]

October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Did you know that October is National Dental Hygiene month? Our dentist in Naperville, as well as other dental practices throughout the United States, see October as a chance to emphasize the importance of good oral health. You may think you are a seasoned veteran at taking care of your teeth, but we thought this […]

3 Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

We’re all after a smile that we are not only proud of but is healthy as well. One facet of dentistry is cosmetic dentistry, which focuses on the ways in which you can improve your smile’s appearance. Our Naperville cosmetic dentist is well-versed in many different cosmetic dentistry procedures that will make a world of […]

Do You Need a Naperville Root Canal?

The term “root canal” refers to both the procedure itself as well as the inner passage of your teeth between the pulp and the tooth roots. During your Naperville root canal procedure, the infected material is removed from the canal in order to relieve pain. Removing the nerve is also a regular part of a […]

Getting Accustomed to New Dentures

Disease or injury may take a toll on your smile, especially with age. A good way to restore your smile is by getting dentures. However, our dentist in Naperville knows that there is an adjustment period for patients when they are getting used to wearing dentures. Everyday tasks such as eating and talking may feel […]

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