The term “root canal” refers to both the procedure itself as well as the inner passage of your teeth between the pulp and the tooth roots. During your Naperville root canal procedure, the infected material is removed from the canal in order to relieve pain. Removing the nerve is also a regular part of a root canal procedure, as the root of an adult tooth doesn’t have a purpose other than sensing stimuli such as hot and cold.

The Causes Behind Root Canals

Taking proper care of your teeth is important in avoiding the need for a root canal. If tooth decay goes too deep and penetrates through the outer layer of your tooth, it can cause the need for a root canal procedure. Damage such as cracks or chips in the teeth may also cause root canal damage.

Warning Signs You Need a Root Canal

Constant tooth pain or discomfort is one of the most obvious signs that a root canal is necessary. If you’re eating or drinking something hot or cold, you may find that your tooth pain amplifies or even continues after the stimuli is gone. You may also find a small, pimple-like bump on your gums close to the area of pain. Your gums will likely be tender or swollen as well.

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Source: Crest